What is "Possession" ?


Possession, often called "Spirit Possession" is a term used to refer to people who have a spirit person, or persons, totally in charge of their physical life. A way to better understand this is to think of our physical body as being like a car. We are usually the driver. We are in possession of it. We decide how it runs and where it goes. Sometimes however it can happen that someone else runs our car. So too with our physical body. Someone else may end up running it.


In some cases the controlling force may be what some people call a demonic one. In that case it may be called "Demonic Possession". It is not uncommon in the latter case for the former to apply as well. In other words for a physical person to be controlled by demonic forces and spirit people.


Full time possession is pretty rare. Most people resist others attempting to fully take over their lives. In cases where they fail the possessing influence will generally make it's presence known by the negative thoughts/words/actions of the person who is under control. This will often result in illegal/criminal activities of some sort. At other times the person will act in such a way that they will be considered by onlookers to have become mentally unbalanced.


If either/both of these outcomes aren't bad enough it sometimes happens that the possessing force wishes to have the person who owns the physical body dead. This outcome can result from a variety of actions. Self harm, eg. suicide, or killing others, and having the state kill oneself as a consequence, being two possibilities.


From the above you have probably worked out for yourself that a full time "possessed" person will generally be found in mental hospitals, or jails. At other times in a standard hospital and/or in society under some form of sedation.


Though the above may be uncommon, part time possession happens far more frequently. Where this happens the person who owns the physical body may be unaware of what has happened (usually anti-social activity) while they were possessed (while someone else drove their vehicle). Usually having a loss of consciousness. He/she may say that they had "a total blackout of the events that occurred". Observers may say something like "I don't know what got into eg. Harry/Helen etc."


Fortunately one can do a lot to avoid most/all of the above happening to oneself. The primary one being to not do things that could lead to the above outcome. Some examples being heavy alcoholic consumption, illegal drug use and messing around with psychic activities (such as ouija boards) without proper understanding of the dangers involved.

If someone is possessed full time then there isn't a lot they can do about it. Though it may be possible to try and get them to exert their will and resume control of their physical body. Other people however can help in such a situation. By praying for assistance from the Divine Light Forces, Jesus, angels etc. As well as directing Divine Love/Light and Healing energies to the affected person.

In some cases one may decide to contact a priest, or minister, who does exorcisms. Or someone who has experience in the area of spirit rescue work. It should be kept in mind though that even if an exorcism is successful the person may get themselves possessed again, if they don't change the things in their lives that brought about the original problem.

If someone is only possessed sometimes then they can play a bigger role in helping themselves. Doing as suggested above and saying our suggested prayer should help. As would learning about psychic protection . Apart from praying for help for themselves, and getting others to pray for them as well, they can also consider receiving healing regularly. This can strengthen the aura and make it harder for negative spirit people to get access. Getting regular exercise and/or eating a healthy diet can be beneficial as well.

Lastly, in very serious cases of obsession and/or possession it should be remembered that there may be karmic reasons for a person to be having the experiences that they are having. This can be due to an involvement in eg. drugs, alcohol or negative occult activities in this and/or past lives. For example, many people who have been involved in spells, curses, and psychically attacking people, in past lives have these things happen to them in this life.

Where this is the case a proper understanding of how karma works, and how to reverse negative karmic actions (help our "victims"), will help improve the healing process.

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