What is exorcism ?


Exorcism is the term usually used to describe the removal of one, or more, spirit people from a person's aura. These "Entity Attachments" are generally people who are dead, but aren't aware of the fact. "Earthbound" in other words.


How is it done ?


If one is to believe what one sees on the T.V., movies, etc. this sort of thing needs lots of ritual, prayers, people etc. In reality this is not the case. These things can be used but every case is different so it is best if each situation is treated individually.


In this type of work one needs to remember basic principles if one is to succeed regularly and effectively. Positive thoughts/energies and/or light help dissolve negative thought energies (thought-forms). As well as to help earthbound people. This means that if someone has a lot of negative thought energies (thought-forms) in their aura then they can be dissolved by the patient and/or other people directing light in/around the aura of the patient.


Negative entities respond to this treatment by leaving the aura of the obsessed/possessed person. This also applies to earthbound people.


This "light" approach can be done physically and non-physically. The latter is where it matters most and can be achieved by everyone imagining this light permeating the relevant area. One can also pray for assistance from higher spiritual beings as well when one does this. As a negative entity can move from the affected person, to one of the therapists, it is important that the therapist(s) radiate light outwards (from inside themselves) as well.


If entities are simply removed from an affected person, and cannot get into the therapist's aura, then they either get into someone else's aura (causing them possible problems) or they end up wandering around dead, causing problems intentionally, or unintentionally, all around the place. It is important therefore that higher forces not only be asked to guide/protect the people involved from the effects of negative energies/influences but that such influences be removed to the spirit planes.


Another term that is often used for this type of work is "spirit rescue" or "soul rescue". Some use the term "Spirit Releasement Therapy". Others (usually in a religious environment) call it "Deliverance". It should be kept in mind that if people are going to be involved in some way with spirit communication then they should know how to do such things as rescues.

How long an exorcism takes, and how effective it is, depends on a number of factors. Two of the main ones being how many entities need to be cleared and how competent the exorcist is. With regard to the former, it is not uncommon for people to have multiple entities in their aura. Even if only one appears to be making himself/herself known. In some instances we may be talking about dozens of people. At other times, hundreds, or more.

Another factor is the willingness of the spirit people to be moved onto the spirit world. In some instances a spirit person, or persons, might fight against the work of the exorcist. This is particularly noticeable in cases where there is a demonic content. If this happens then the exorcism may take many days/weeks of work. Sometimes multiple exorcisms are needed. Continuing over a period of months, or years.

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