Spirit Rescues



What are spirit rescues ?


Being physically dead doesn't mean that one is automatically in the spirit world. One may end up still in the same physical world one was in when they were alive, only without a physical body. A person who has died and hasn't yet reached the spirit dimension is usually termed "earthbound". Spirit rescues, sometimes called soul rescues, are the assisting of "earthbound" spirit people to the spirit realm.


Someone who is dead doesn't necessarily know that. They may think that they are dreaming, drunk, hallucinating, or have become insane. Whether one is aware of their own death, or not, they can still have an effect upon people and/or things in the physical world. This effect can be unintentional, and/or intentional. If they have a strong (but not total) influence on someone who is still alive then this is often called "spirit obsession". Total control of a person's physical body is generally termed "spirit possession". Influencing/moving things is often called "poltergeist activity".


Why do people become earthbound ?


There are many reasons. Here are a few of them.


Sudden death : One can die so quickly that they may not realize that they have died. A motor vehicle accident for example.


Religious death : If one has strong religious beliefs then (even if they know that they are dead) they may ignore the help offered to them by their dead friends/relatives and/or their "spirit guides". Preferring instead to wait for e.g.. a particular biblical character, to personally escort them heavenward.


Suicides : A common assumption by suicides is that the killing of their physical bodies is the end of them. Everything ends with death. There is nothing afterwards. So they may well not "move on". Not only is this bad for them (their misery hasn't gone away, in fact it may have worsened) but it can be bad for physically alive people that they may stay around. Potentially making them suicidal as well.


Atheists : Like suicides, people who don't believe in God will often not believe in life after physical death either.


Negative deaths : Sometimes people are so attached to people/things/habits that they don't want to leave the physical plane. It wouldn't be surprising for example for a heavy drinker, who was dead, to be found in a drinking establishment. Or in the aura of a heavy drinker. Though they don't have a physical body of their own to drink with they are able to use (possess) someone else's if available.


These last reasons, not knowing one is dead, or not believing one is dead, are some of the main reasons that people become earthbound.


How does one do a rescue ?


If the spirit person is partly/wholly in someone's aura then an exorcism may be required. If not (perhaps a building, or place, is involved) then the main ways are :


Direct communication. If someone is a medium then they can communicate directly with the person(s) who is/are earthbound.


Trance mediumship. A trance medium can allow someone who is dead to temporarily have a physical body again (theirs). This enables other people, who may not be a medium (or even psychic), to talk to the person directly.


Whichever method is used the important thing to keep in mind is that the earthbound person/people needs to know that there is existence after physical death and that they themselves are dead. Once those things are established they can then be directed to friends, or relatives, of theirs that are there to help them to move on to the spirit planes.


There are a number of books listed on this site that deal with the topic of "rescues" etc. Our book on Psychic Protection , for example, covers this subject in more detail.


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