What is "Obsession" ?


Obsession, often called "Spirit Obsession" is a term used to refer to people who have a spirit person, or persons, influencing their physical life. A way to better understand this is to think of our physical body as being like a car. We are usually the driver. We decide how it runs and where it goes. Sometimes however it can happen that someone else is in our car with us. Telling us where to go, how to drive, when to stop etc. So too with our physical body. Someone else may be telling us how to run it.


Usually the person/s doing the telling are partly/wholly in our auric space and are people who are physically dead themselves. In some cases the obsessor is someone who liked to control people when they were alive. Or someone who wants to control the specific person whose aura they have moved into. In these situations obsession is often just a first step towards possession.


Most cases of obsession however involve spirit people who have a strong desire for something. They no longer have a physical body of their own to cater to their wants, so they use someone else's. They do not necessarily know that they are dead and/or that they are obsessing anyone. The type of things most wanted are alcohol and drugs. Though any strong desire/leaning can attract entities with a similar interest eg. sexual domination, violence etc.


A physical person may associate with any number of other physical people with the same interests as they have. Generally, the more people the more the influence. For example, if you have one person with you suggesting that you get drunk you might say "no". If there were a dozen people around you making that suggestion then the answer may well be "yes".


The same applies when there entities in our aura. The more there are the more likely one is to do as they want. Though sometimes it only takes one, or two, spirit people (with strong personalities) to make things happen. When one adds the influence of a number of physical AND non physical people together it is pretty easy to see why many people have difficulty reducing, or stopping, an addiction.


Mostly the addition of entities, with a particular focus, follows on from the interests of the physical person. In other cases the addition of one/more spirits in an aura can create a desire, that wasn't there previously. For example, if a suicide ends up in someone's aura then they may well make the physical person want to suicide themselves. This is sometimes the reason for multiple suicides in a family, or group of people.


To avoid the above it helps if people get in the habit of making their own decisions in life. Those who are constantly following what other physical people suggest often follow what discarnate people want too. Not a good thing if either/both groups of people want you to do something that is self destructive, anti-social or illegal. It also helps to have balance in one's life. Not having an excessive involvement in eg. drinking, smoking etc.

Being too psychically "open" can increase the potential for obsession and/or possession so learning about/applying psychic protection can be a help. One should avoid messing around with psychic activities (such as ouija boards) without proper understanding of the dangers involved. People who are too "open" should also avoid being around people/places where drug taking, or alcoholic consumption, goes on. Or where there are high concentrations of earthbound/negative spirit people. For example working in, or being around, a pub or mental hospital would NOT be a good idea for someone with obsession/possession problems !

A spirit obsessed person may be aware of the influences around them. Hearing "voices" for example. Some people commit suicide in order to stop hearing these voices. It doesn't work. People who have entities around them when alive can end up with entities around them when they are dead. Also, these "voices" may want the person to be dead. At other times simply to drive the person mad.

Other physical people can help an obsessed person. By praying for assistance from the Divine Light Forces, Jesus, angels etc. As well as directing Divine Love/Light and Healing energies to the affected person. In some cases one may decide to get the help of someone who has experience in the area of spirit rescue work.

Someone who is obsessed should find that saying our suggested prayer should help. Apart from praying for help for themselves, and getting others to pray for them as well, they can also consider receiving healing regularly. This can strengthen the aura and make it harder for negative spirit people to get access. Getting regular exercise and/or eating a healthy diet can be beneficial as well.

Lastly, in very serious cases of obsession and/or possession it should be remembered that there may be karmic reasons for a person to be having the experiences that they are having. This can be due to an involvement in eg. drugs, alcohol or negative occult activities in this and/or past lives. For example, many people who have been involved in spells, curses, and psychically attacking people, in past lives have these things happen to them in this life.

Where this is the case a proper understanding of how karma works, and how to reverse negative karmic actions (help our "victims"), will help improve the healing process.


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