Suggested Approaches to Spiritual Growth



SAY : (Think anytime - particularly before sleep).

"I ask the Divine Light Forces (Forces of God) for...


(1) Protection against all that is not of the light.

(2) Healing on all levels

(3) Guidance/Assistance with my life. Especially in the area of ............... eg. knowing what I should be doing spiritually, help with becoming a channel for love, light, healing, guidance and inspiration. Preparing for meetings and/or seminars etc.

(4) That Divine love, light and healing energies go to ............... as well as all who are working against my spiritual progression."



Being surrounded by a hot, bright, glowing white, eggshell.
Radiating hot, bright, golden, light.



Light coloured clothes tend to encourage light coloured energies. For best health never wear dark colours, particularly black.

All the above to be the maximum consistent with the highest spiritual good."

What's this all about ? Why D. L. F ? Well, in the first line we make it quite clear that we only want help from those who are representing the love (God) force.


With our first point we are saying that we wish to have "protection" against anything, and anyone, not of the light (God vibration). This includes people dead, and alive, and such things as discordant energies.


With our second point we acknowledge that we exist on many levels. Physical, mental, emotional etc. and that we wish healing on all levels that need it.


With our third point we request guidance, either specific and/or general, so that we may more easily understand what we should be doing with our life and how we achieve our spiritual goals. We also ask the D.L.F. for assistance with our life as well.


With our fourth point we direct love, and light, etc. to those we live/work with and those who oppose us. Like water counters the problem of fire, light etc. reduces the effect of negative influence.


The first form of visualization is fairly common, and often helpful, BUT somewhat passive. By having light go outwards we have a more positive effect on others, and the world.


Ever noticed how many sick, angry, or depressed people wear black ? Lighter colours often contribute to a better state of emotional, and mental, well-being etc.


H. S. G. Some unpleasant experiences in life are "meant" to be experienced (for spiritual growth and learning). H.S.G. reminds us of this.


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