When one talks about ouija they are normally talking about something called a ouija board and/or using something called a ouija board. Boards can vary but most have each letter of the alphabet on them (in a semi-circle, or circle) and the words "yes" and "no". At first appearance they look very similar to many board games that children play. In fact many people consider the ouija board to be a game.


How does it work ?



The idea is that a person, or number of people, put their fingers on a glass, or pointer of some sort, and then after a few minutes this will then "point" to a letter of the alphabet. Supposedly the "sitters" will direct the pointer in such a manner as to spell out words, or sentences. The "direction" of the whole thing is assumed to be by people who are no longer physically alive. Spirit people in other words.


In reality however things are not quite that simple. Firstly, not everyone can get the ouija board to work. At least one of the people present has to have some intuitive/psychic sensitivity/ability. Even if he/she doesn't know that they have this.


Is one really contacting dead uncle Harry ?



Before one can properly answer that question one should ask "Who could one be contacting ?" Some of the options are :


(1) A positive person who is physically dead and helps/guides people. Often termed a "spirit guide" of the Light.


(2) The opposite of (1)


(3) Someone who is physically alive but may be outside of their physical body (OOB). They could be a positive person, negative, or somewhere in between.


(4) Someone who is dead and doesn't know it. What many people would refer to as an "earthbound person".


When one considers that a sitter may be intentionally, or unintentionally, moving the pointer themselves (without any spirit input) then one can see that there are quite a number of "options".


Can one tell when "communicating" which of the above is the correct choice ? Yes, but to do that one would need to be properly trained in the area of mediumship. Most people who use ouija boards are not so trained.


Any dangers ?



As you can see from the above if a communicator fell into the second, or third, category then they could intentionally pretend to be uncle Harry when they aren't. Why ? Sometimes to mislead people. There are malicious people dead as well as alive. At other times this is done as a joke. Many discarnate people have a loud laugh to themselves as gullible ouija sitters believe that they have contacted a particular dead friend/relative when they haven't. Or believe that some "highly evolved soul" is communicating when they aren't.


You might think that if that is all that can go wrong with a ouija session then as long as one doesn't take things seriously then there is no harm done. Unfortunately that isn't the case. When one sets up the circumstances where spirit people can communicate with physical people then a group of spirit people will assemble to do just that. If some/all of these people are negative then they are the sort of people that you may not want to attend at all, let alone "hang around" afterwards.


Simply finishing the session doesn't mean that any of the discarnate people will leave the area. Some of these people may decide to stay around one, or more, of the sitters for years and/or stay around the room/house the ouija session took place in.


This alone would be likely to precipitate a number of negative experiences for people but as if that wasn't enough even worse can happen. One, or more, of the sitters can end up with spirit obsession/possession problems. Need I go on ? Perhaps it would just be easier for me to say "Unless you are a properly trained medium then have nothing to do with ouija boards."


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