Energy Healing



What is healing with "energy" ? Well, it depends who you ask. Different people with different belief systems will give you *their* ideas about these things. I find however that many people get very confused by these "answers". Especially since many people use "terms" (sometimes thought up by themselves) to explain things.


To help cut through some of this confusion I have detailed below three general categories that one could use to sort out what is what in the area of energy healing. I say energy healing because this is NOT meant to be a discussion on the many different types of healing that one may choose to investigate. I am purposely restricting discussion to healing with an "energy" content.


Put simply the three categories that could be used to divide healing methods are :


1. Mental healing

2. Magnetic healing

3. Channeled healing

Mental healing



Mental healing is healing one does with one's mind. This can be the mind of the person who needs the healing and/or an external person or persons. It is done by visualizing a colour that is conducive to the healing process being around the person, or affected area. For general healing blue is commonly used. The person can also imagine themselves being well. This "positive thinking" can be an added help.


Magnetic healing



Magnetic healing is simply the transfer of energy between the magnetic field (aura) of one person to the aura of another. Often when distressed children hug a parent they are helped this way. The child goes away more "energised". Some healers use this method, however this is not a very good idea as they are losing energy to each patient. Unless they restrict the number of patients and/or make sure they fully recover their energies they can end up with energy depletion and/or health problems of their own.


Channeled healing



Channeled healing (sometimes called spiritual healing) is healing that is transferred from higher (non-physical) sources (such as spirit guides ). The big advantage of this is that the healing *channel* (physical person) usually loses none of their own energy. Sometimes both patient and healing channel feel more "energised" afterwards. This form of healing method is often taught by spiritualist mediums in spiritualist groups/churches. Another common term for this is Reiki healing.


All three methods can be done by most people. Be careful if you come across someone who says that they, and only they, have the "correct" method of healing and/or say that they have invented/re-discovered a healing method. Chances are that they are looking for gullible people (with money) and/or those whose focus is on being "special". Genuine healers have more of an emphasis on how effective a healing method may be (from the patient's point of view). Also it is NOT necessary to do a psychic reading of a patient when a healing is done. The body will know where to direct energy to even if you don't. So, in a sense it doesn't matter where energy goes in. The meridians, like the blood lines, will direct things as required.

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