To understand what a "walk-in" is one first needs to understand that our physical body is not *us*. It is the container for *us*. Similar to someone driving a car. When we see the driver we understand that they exist irrespective of whether they have a car, or not. So too with our bodies. We exist irrespective of whether we have a physical body or not. In other words we existed as a spirit (soul) before the body we now occupy was born. When our physical body dies we will continue to exist without it.


Now most people would understand that each physical body is owned by someone. This person is attached to their body (with a non physical cord) until the body dies. This is often termed the "silver cord". If nobody was attached to the body then it would die. This is one of the reasons babies are born dead. Nobody has become "attached" to the body. Without this connection the body gets no energising from the spirit realms. Like a car without petrol or battery. It probably won't do anything.


Generally then it is one body one spirit. Multiple people can inhabit the one physical form and this may be termed possession, obsession, multiple personality disorder or whatever. However only one spirit is attached to the body. Until physical death of the body. There is however one exception to this rule. Walk-ins. Walk-ins are people who have spiritual work to do in the material world but for various reasons don't need to/want to spend the time in a physical body growing up.


Where a person has finished their life's lessons, (or otherwise has decided to terminate their physical life) and would normally die, in some instances they allow an incoming "walk-in" spirit to replace them in their physical body. They are detached from the physical form by higher forces and the incoming spirit is attached. So the body has a new owner. It might help some people to think of this as an example of "organ transplantation". Where 100% of the physical organs are left to someone else.


Why would one want to terminate their physical experience ? Well, apart from the reason already mentioned, one may find that circumstances in their life have changed in such a major way that they will not be able to achieve their life's goals. So, rather than continue with a pointless life experience, they decide to start a fresh incarnation. To do that however they need to finish the current one.


Some of the other reasons include situations where one may want to commit suicide. So why not just commit suicide then ? You might ask. Well, doing that can have a severe negative effect on the person suiciding, and others. The suicide for example could well become "earthbound", see here. Rather than immediately going to the spiritual world following death. Also, family and friends can be greatly impacted. In a negative way.


After the swap we still have the case of one physical body, and one spirit attached to it, but in this situation the spirit isn't the one that was with it since birth. Naturally this can then mean that the person may seem to have a (sometimes major) personality change. This is in fact one of the ways one can tell if someone is a walk-in. They will be very much more compassionate, loving, spiritual than before. They may also appear to be more goal orientated/confident.


This can of course create problems for friends, and relatives. They often cannot understand what has happened. In this situation it may be better for them to understand that the person that they previously knew is, in practical terms, no longer physically alive. It is sometimes not much easier for the walk-in. He/she inherits the memories/situations of the previous occupant of the body and may take some time to understand their true status.


In some cases the inherited physical form may need attention, physically, mentally, emotionally etc. So the walk-in needs to fix these things up. Not doing so can interfere with them knowing who they are and/or what their life's purpose is.


The existing energetic state may not only contribute to health problems on some level(s) but also hamper the soul expression of the incoming person. Delaying, or slowing down, progress. For this reason a walk-in should seriously consider one/many energetic "clearing(s)" or "spirit rescue(s)". Or at the very least get some spiritual healing. Such an approach can also help strengthen one's connection with higher guiding forces.


If one follows this advice then he/she should also try to avoid situations/places that can counter the gains made by the healing/clearing, if at all possible. Making sure to avoid as much as possible going to drinking establishments, mental institutions, hospitals, etc. As well as trying to keep away from druggies, drinkers, angry people etc. At least in the short term. Until their auras are stronger/clearer.


Talking of making changes in one's life, a walk-in may also decide to make purposeful changes. In order to better become "themselves", rather than the previous occupant. Making new friends, moving house, changing employment, changing name etc. This can help them to more quickly/easily get on with what they came here to do.


It is of course very important that the walk-in remember what they came here to do, and who they are meant to be doing it with. Otherwise they might unknowingly set about achieving the life goals of the previous occupant, rather than their own. Part three of our prayer can help greatly here.


Also, as Lightworkers, their spiritual path can be opposed by people who don't want them doing what they came here to do. Simply having goals doesn't mean that they will be achieved. So part four is particularly relevant for them as well.


Walk-ins have always existed but due to the changing of the consciousness of the world at the moment a much larger number of them are incoming at the moment. The purpose of this is to help the planet move forward to a higher spiritual perspective. Instant incarnation, as an adult, is a very effective way to get a lot of people into the physical world, helping, in a very short time.

The "Walk-Out"

Reading the above may have prompted you to wonder about the person who has left, and make you question whether the "walk out", and the "walk in", may have ever known each other, or have any karma to work out together. The answer to either question may be a "yes" or a "no". Each situation can be different.


Where they know each other from another lifetime the walk-in arrangement may be agreed to prior to the vacating spirit being born, or during his/her physical experience. The karmic situation can be quite interesting. For example, suppose a more highly evolved person were to do something to save your life, eg. save you from drowning. Or extend your life, eg. create a medical cure that prolonged life expectancy. You might want to repay them in the future. By volunteering to be a walk-out for them.

Walk-ins are not very common so not a lot has been written about them. However, if you want to know more about this subject then you would do well to read the books written by Ruth Montgomery. Though most are out of print these days, the relevant ones are called "Strangers Among Us" and "Threshold To Tomorrow". They were Fawcett Crest titles. published by Ballantine Books.


To better understand the above, it might be best to think of this as a form of reincarnation (see here). Where a person's soul/spirit starts life as an adult, rather than as a baby. The term "Walk-In" appears to be a recent term (used by Ruth Montgomery) so you might not find much in old esoteric literature about it. If researching you might prefer to use a term such as "Transmigration".

You might benefit by hearing what someone else has to say on this topic, see "Walk-Ins: The Real Story" by Michael Mirdad.


Further reading :
"A Life by Request" - Carolyn Jaymes.
Are You A Walk-In ?" - Robert Shapiro.
"Messengers of Hope: The Walk-In Phenomenon" - Carol Parrish-Harra.
"Welcome to Planet Earth: A Guide for Walk-Ins, Starseeds, and Lightworkers of All Varieties" - Hannah Beaconsfield.

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