Perhaps the most important thing for people to remember when discussing suicide is that killing one's physical body doesn't kill oneself. One still exists, but in a non physical form. This situation can have a major effect on both the suicide, and others.


The suicide generally finds that killing themselves has NOT solved their problems. They may in fact have got even worse. Not only may they feel even more miserable than they did when they were physically alive but they also have additional problems. They may become "earthbound".


If this happens then they usually find that any attempt to talk to friends, relatives etc. fails. The physical people are unaware that the suicide is trying to communicate with them. Added to that the suicide also finds that (as they haven't yet reached the spirit world) they are not with the loved ones that have died prior to their own death.


The suicide can also affect those who they have left behind in the physical world. Apart from any distress they may feel about the loss of their friend/relative, they may well sense the misery that the suicide is feeling. As most people wouldn't realise what is going on here they would not be able to understand why they are now feeling so bad themselves.


If nothing is done about this situation then it is possible for someone so affected to end up committing suicide themselves. This domino effect is sometimes the cause of multiple suicides in a family, or group.


Fortunately something can be done about this situation. Those who are left behind can pray for assistance for the person who has suicided. Perhaps requesting help for them in our prayer. They can also help improve the energetic situation around themselves/the suicide by imagining both being surrounded with/being infused with a bright light.


Ideally the suicide should be praying for help themselves. However, if they were the type of person who prayed for Divine assistance when alive, then they would have probably not have suicided in the first place. Though a person CAN start doing so even at this very late stage.


Now, I mentioned that most people aren't aware of the suicide's presence. Some though are aware. Such people are in a very good position to help out, as they can sense, or see, how the suicide reacts to suggestions that they may make to them. A suggestion that they themselves pray for assistance for example.


Essentially, what is being done here is an example of a spirit rescue. So the person who is physical is probably well advised to learn about this topic. Our book on Psychic Protection can help in this regard.


Further reading :
"Light beyond the darkness" - Doré Deverell.
"My Son and the Afterlife: Conversations from the Other Side" - Elisa Medhus, MD.
"My Life After Death: A Memoir from Heaven" - Erik Medhus and Elisa Medhus M.D.
"Suicide: What Really Happens in the Afterlife?" - Jon Klimo and Pamela Rae Heath.
"The Other Side of Suicide" - Karen Peebles.


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