The initial D.I.D. usually stands for Dissociative Identity Disorder. M.P.D. generally stand for Multiple Personality Disorder. Such people commonly report at least one "alter" (alternate) personality that controls what they do. In some cases they report that they have dozens, hundreds, or even more.

What many people don't appreciate however is that in many cases what is called D.I.D., or M.P.D. is simply a case of psychic "obsession" and/or "possession". At other times it is a situation of soul fragmentation plus either/both situations. Complicating things further, an "Inner Self Helper" may be a spirit guide/guardian rather than an alter identity.


In these situations one has the one physical body but more than one person wanting to use it. In other words the person who was born with the body (the owner) has others (usually discarnate) trying to, and sometimes succeeding in, getting control of it. As each person (personality) takes over partial/whole control then the physical body takes on a different persona. For people who are only looking at the physical form it appears that it is displaying multiple personalities. They then sometimes think that the owner of the body has some sort of "fragmented" personality. This is incorrect of course but unless one is clairvoyant one could make this incorrect deduction.


To remedy this situation the owner has to regain ownership of their own physical form and eject the person(s) who may be competing for it's use. This process is generally called "exorcism". There are a number of ways to do this. The person themselves and/or others, (preferably both) can for example imagine the physical form being filled up/glowing with a very hot, bright, golden (or white) light.

One can also pray for help from Divine Forces to aid in this. Once the person regains more control of their physical form then they need to learn about/apply psychic protection techniques. To avoid a repeat situation in the future. Even in cases where spirit entities are NOT part of the problem one can still pray for help in healing/integrating the situation of soul fragmentation.

Further reading :
"Minds In Many Pieces: Revealing the Spiritual Side of Multiple Personality Disorder". Ralph B. Allison, M.D. (Cie Publishing, 1999) Free copy to download available here.

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