Perhaps one of the most important things to consider, for people who are transplant recipients, is the doner(s). For the sake of both the doner(s) and the recipient(s).


In many cases the doner will have died suddenly and could well end up being "earthbound". Ending up around the transplant recipient and/or others. If this happens then he/she will be held up in their spiritual progression. They should in fact be moving on to the spirit world. The organ recipient can help this to occur by saying eg. our prayer and/or doing a soul rescue.

Talking of the recipient, he/she should also be praying for the removal/advancement of any other discarnate entities that he/she may have picked up during their medical experiences. (Even people NOT having a transplant can end up with new discarnate people in their aura after visiting a hospital.) It is also a good idea if they get repeated healing as well. It can usually help with the recovery process and help repair auric damage.

Further reading :
"A Change of Heart: A Memoir" - Claire Sylvia. (Warner Books, 1997).


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