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When reading books about people who do exorcisms and/or house clearings readers may get the impression that all exorcisms/clearings solve the clients problems completely. Not surprisingly few authors mention their failures. In reality however one can have partial, or total, failure to remedy discordant entity/energetic effects. Also, even when success appears evident the patient may find themselves in a similar situation at a later date. There are a number of reasons for these types of situations to arise. We will be explaining a number of them here.

(A) Incompetence - Probably the most obvious reason. Some people do not have sufficient knowledge/experience to do this kind of work.
(B) Incorrect assessment - Some people think that any/all problems that they have in life are due to negative (energetic/entity) influence. If they are wrong then a clearing/exorcism will not solve their problem(s), and appear to "fail".
(C) Drama Queens - Some people like to think that they are obsessed/possessed and/or that they live in a haunted house. Irrespective of whether there is any truth to this situation, or not. Where either/both situations actually exist, AND an exorcism/clearing removes what needs to be cleared, the person will still insist that the work has "failed". As they like the attention/notoriety that the problem gives them.
(D) Incomplete clearing - If there is a major problem then it may take a number of sessions to clear things properly.

Figure A.


(A) One of the ways to illustrate what is going on where a person is possessed and/or a place has an excess of discordant entities/energies is graphically. Above (Figure A) we have a representation of the client (represented by the yellow circle) with 3 discordant entities and/or energies affecting him/her (the other circles).

Figure B.

(B) With Figure B we have a graphic illustration of what may be the result after an exorcism/clearing. The two weaker energies/entities have been cleared. Because the strongest/biggest force hasn't yet been cleared the client may very well think that nothing has been cleared. That the clearing/exorcism has "failed". Though he/she may be correct in thinking that the "problem" hasn't been (totally) fixed, some progress has been made.

A person, and/or place may have many entities to clear. For example, a heavy drinker, someone with strong negative emotions such as fear, anger etc. or someone involved with drugs, could have dozens (or more) of spirit people to clear from themselves and/or their environment. So multiple clearing sessions may be needed.

Sometimes people with serious health problems go to doctors, psychiatrists or psychologists for years. People with severe psychic problems may need to do the same. Especially if they have the situation of (E) below. Whether one has physical, and/or psychic issues, the patient should be actively involved in their own recovery.


N.B. Sometimes people are aware of spirit people around themselves and/or in their house. Very rarely do they know exactly who, and how many, people there are, as often people around them do not want to be seen. So they stay out of sight and/or put on the "image" of someone else.


(E) Insufficient energetic strengthening of the affected person -. Thereby (potentially) enabling a repeat situation at a later date. Below we give an example of where an exorcism/clearing appears to work, but only temporarily.

Figure 1.

(1) Again, above (Figure 1) we have a representation of the total negative effect while on the right the energetic representation of the client. Because the negative is the dominant energy it affects the positive. In a negative way.

Figure 2.

(2) With figure 2 we see how things look after what appears to be a "successful" exorcism/clearing. Problems solved, right ? Well, not necessarily. Take a look at figure 3. Which represents the situation at a later date, maybe 6 months later.

Figure 3.

(3) Look familiar ? Somewhat like figure 1 ? Yes, exactly so. What has happened here ? Was the exorcism/clearing not done properly ? Well, looking at figure 2 we know it was done correctly.


What has happened is that the client has had new discordant entities/energies replace the ones removed. This can happen when the affected person is partly/wholly contributing to the negative situation themselves.

Figure 4.

(4) So what can be done to avoid this ? Well, as we point out on our exorcism page, the person affected needs to direct love/light to anyone/anything discordant in their life. Our prayer gives a suggested method/wording. Healing can also be a good idea.


Also, positive/loving thoughts, words and deeds helps strengthen, and enlarge, one's energy field in a positive way. So that one ends up with figure 4. Then, if discord does return as per figure 3, they shouldn't be affected.


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