What is channeling ?



Channeling is the term generally used to describe the process of passing on information from spirit people who are non-physical to people who still are physical. Some of the more common methods are :


Trance channeling :

This is where the spirit person (often a spirit guide) who is without a physical body swaps places with the medium. The guide (now in a physical body) can then pass on to those who are listening information about spiritual progression, the spirit world, guidance etc.


This method can also be used in spirit rescue work. Only this time it is an earthbound person who swaps places with the medium. When finished the spirit guide, or earthbound person, gets out of the physical body and the medium (owner) returns to it.


Inspired writing :


This is where the spirit person "inspires" the person who is doing the writing. This can be via pictures but is more often done via speech. This is very much like the situation of someone "taking dictation". Though most mediums will hear the words mentally (inside their head) others hear the speech as though someone physical were standing beside them.


In situations where the latter is an example of "Direct Voice" phenomena anyone in the room at the time will hear what is said.


Automatic writing :


In this situation the spirit person actually controls the use of the fingers/hand/arm of the medium. If this is done then the medium can use the "other" hand for something else. He/she usually does not know what is written until he/she reads it after it is finished. Apart from "guidance" either form of writing is useful to get information from spirit people such as past life details etc.


Apart from guidance for oneself one may receive guidance for others. One way that this may be done is when a spirit person dictates, or writes, a book. See our E-Books page for some examples. Some automatic writers are able to transcribe very quickly. Geraldine Cummins for example was reported to have sometimes written at a rate of more than 1,500 words an hour.


Another medium, a Mrs. John H. Curran, also known as Pearl (1883 - 1937), wife of the former Immigration Commissioner of Missouri, received messages for decades during her life. These messages included millions of words, seven books, poems, plays etc.


Her spirit contact, Patience Worth, claimed to have previously lived in the 17th century and been born in England. What interested a number of people was that she spoke in a dialect not spoken for over 300 years and very peculiar to the England of the 1600's. Somewhat supporting what she had been saying.


Some automatic writers find that their handwriting changes when writing from their own, to that of their communicator. Nowerdays some find that they are able to record messages via a computer keyboard. Things get even more interesting when one finds that some mediums not only channel words, but also such things as art, and musical compositions (eg. Rosemary Brown), from spirit sources.


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