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Clairvoyance - (seeing)

From the French clair meaning "clear" and voyance meaning "vision". Clairvoyance is the ability to see people, places items etc. without using one's physical eyesight. The things seen may be literal and/or symbolic. They may also involve things that are currently happening and/or have happened (postcognition) and/or are likely to happen (precognition).


A person who uses their clairvoyant ability is commonly called a clairvoyant. A "subjective" clairvoyant "sees" their images internally. They don't need to have their physical eyes open. Similar to "seeing" things with one's imagination and/or while dreaming. An "objective" clairvoyant sees their images overlaid what they see with their physical sight.


Also, the people/things seen may be to do with people/things in the physical world and/or the non physical. For example, a clairvoyant may see a physically dead person standing besides someone who is still physically alive.


Some clairvoyants draw the scenes and/or people that they see. These people are often termed "Psychic Artists", "Spirit Artists" etc. Take a look at our Spirit Drawings page for more info.


Clairalience/Clairolfaction (smelling)

From the French clair meaning "clear" and alience meaning "smelling". Clairalience is where a person becomes aware of things through the sense of non-physical smell. Such a person will smell things that other people, who only use their physical sense of smell, don't.


These smells are often used by spirit people to help physical people to be aware of their presence. For example, a spirit person who was called "Rose" when she was physically alive may give a clairalient person the smell of roses. A favourite uncle who smoked a particular brand of cigar may give someone the smell of that cigar, as a way of making themselves known. A favourite aunt may use perfume in a similar way.


Clairaudience (hearing/listening)

From the French clair meaning "clear" and audience meaning "hearing". Clairaudience is the ability to hear people/sounds without using one's physical hearing. These can originate from the physical world, the non physical world, or both. An example of the last situation might be where someone physically is standing in front of a clairaudient, and physically talking, while a spirit person is standing to the right of the clairaudient, and talking.


A "subjective" clairaudient hears things internally. In other words, if he/she were to have something physical block their physical hearing then they would still be able to hear as they did previously. An "objective" clairvoyant on the other hand hears things as though they are external to themselves. So, if the latter closed their eyes, and a physical, and non physical, person were to speak to them, they may not know which one is which.


Sometimes clairaudience is used to get messages from one's spirit guides, or someone who has died and has a message for them and/or someone else. In some cases the clairaudient person writes down things "word for word". Similar to a physical person who takes "dictation". These "words" may include such things as musical notation.


Someone who reportedly did the latter was Rosemary Brown. Apparently dictated to her by people such as Liszt, Brahms, Bach, Rachmaninoff, Debussy etc. An example of one of the works transcribed is here.


Claircognizance (knowing)

From the French clair meaning "clear" and cognizance meaning "knowledge". Claircognizants know things that they have no way of knowing by ordinary (physical) means. Such people are often termed "intuitive". Their "hunches" often turn out to be correct.


The information that they "know" can be as a result of using their other psychic senses and/or information that is given to them by their spirit guides.


Clairgustance (tasting)

Clairgustance is the ability to taste something without putting anything (physical) in one's mouth. Again, this may be used by a discarnate person to help someone physical know that they are present. For example, a grandmother who baked great lemon tarts may make their presence known by having people become aware of that taste.


Clairsentience (feeling/touching)

From the French clair, “clear,” and sentience, “feeling”. Clairsentience is where a person senses things by feeling. This may involve touching something physical, such as jewellery eg. psychometry ( derived from psyche and metric, "soul-measuring") or someone . In the latter case, perhaps to "intuit" energetic/health issues.


At other times such a person may sense things without touching anything physical. For example, they may be aware of the energetic state around an old battlefield or be aware of a spirit person in a particular room of a house.


Like all psychic abilities one may have one, or more, of them at the same time.

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