What is mediumship ?

To properly answer this question we might first ask "What is a medium ?" If we look around us we all have "mediums" in our homes. Our television is a "medium" whereby we can see/hear the television programs that our free to air television channels transmit. Our radio is a "medium" whereby we can hear radio programs that are sent by our radio stations.


Just as these mediums enable "signals" to be received, and translated, into a manner that can be appreciated by our normal five senses so too, what are often called "spirit mediums", do the same. Using what is often termed the ability called "mediumship".


The "signals" in this case are signals being directed from spirit people/sources. If the medium hears these signals then they are often called clairaudient. If seeing them clairvoyant. If sensing them then clairsentient. This information is then passed on to people in the physical world.


What forms of mediumship are there ?


There are two main forms of mediumship Mental mediumship and Physical mediumship. With the first form a person who is acting as the medium passes on information to other physical people. With the second form of mediumship certain "phenomena" can occur. For example a spirit person may "materialize" to such a degree that they may appear to be semi-physical themselves. In some rare instances people have been able to shake hands with dead relatives of theirs.


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Why have mediums/mediumship ?


There are many answers to this question but perhaps two of the most common are ;


Mediums who contact dead relatives/friends of people who are still physically alive are often a great help to these people (who are often unsure as to whether there is life following one's physical death). They are often helped to know that their loved ones are still "alive", albeit in a different dimension. Mediums who contact their own spirit guides, and/or the guides of others, often find that conscious contact with them helps them/others in achieving their spiritual objectives.

Many people are born with a natural ability to contact the spirit world. Others however need to learn/develop this ability. To do this safely one should learn about/apply psychic protection techniques. They should also find themselves a competent teacher. Otherwise, if developing alone, one can end up "opening up" to negative spirit influences and/or end up with negative psychic experiences.

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