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At some time, in most people's lives, they wonder whether there is an existence following their physical death, an afterlife existence. Or whether, perhaps, death is the end of everything. If one does believe in life existing after death one may still wonder what the spirit world is like, and what people do there.


These days we have the answers to such questions. Just as someone may tell us what a country is like that we may wish to visit, so too have people told us what the spirit world is like. So that we can know what to expect when we arrive. Some of the people giving us this information are currently living in the spirit world while others are still physically alive.


Sometimes a spirit person may give information via a physical person and sometimes a physical person may (while OOB) visit the spirit world (in their spirit body) and then return to the physical. To describe what they saw, and who they spoke too. Some people who have these spirit journeys wake up in the morning and think that they were just dreaming. Not having an actual spirit experience.


(A physical person who seeks to prove that someone who has physically died continues to exist past their death is usually called a medium. These types of people are often found in Spiritualist groups, or churches. Such proof is commonly called "Proof of Survival". The medium sees (clairvoyance) and/or hears (clairaudience) and/or senses (clairsentience) the physically dead person, or persons. They then go on to give a message from the person in the spirit world to the person(s) still in the physical world.)


On occasion a medium may pass on descriptions of the spirit world that he/she may be receiving from a spirit person. Something like passing on a phone message to someone who cannot hear the person talking at the other end of the medium's phone. Sometimes this information is passed on via spirit writing. At other times he/she may enter a trance state and allow a spirit person, or persons, to describe things directly to people who are still physically alive.


So what is the spirit world like ? Well, the first thing to know is that there are different "levels" or "spheres". So not everyone has identical surroundings. Just like in the physical. When an Eskimo wakes up in the morning his/her landscape looks different to that seen by someone in Hawaii. What level of the spirit world one arrives at depends on how one has lived their physical life. Those who have most helped others/grown spiritually go to a "higher" level. Where there is more beauty than on the lower planes.

Conversely, those who have been selfish, greedy, cruel etc. go to a less appealing landscape. What some people call "lower realms". These areas often lack some/all of the animals, vegetation, colours, beauty etc. of "higher realms". More representing a dessert, or an area after a natural disaster, or after the destruction of warfare. Strongly negative people (murderers, rapists etc.) can have the added unpleasantness of less warmth/light. Though not exactly "hell", as some people expect it, it is none the less a place where most people wouldn't want to end up in.

A few things that are common to all levels is the type of company one has, and the opportunity for spiritual progression. In regards to the former eg, selfish people will be in the company of other selfish people while loving people will be in the company of other loving people. As regards the latter, spiritual progression is possible to help people move to a "higher" (spiritual) level than where they are. Much like the physical world. Care for others and you end up going to a better place when you die.

Essentially though just as most physical people see trees, flowers, lakes, rivers, mountains etc. so do most spirit (discarnate) people. They see not only familiar geography but animals, birds etc. as well. Also, when looking at themselves/others, they see much as they would expect to see while physically alive. In fact things look so "normal" that a large number of people, when arriving in the spirit world, think that they are still alive. They are, of course, but not physically.


As one adjusts to non physical life one begins to notice that there are a number of differences between physical and non physical existence. The first surprise for most people is that they can communicate telepathically. They can also move around by thinking of going to a particular place, or person. For some people the change can be huge. For example a blind person will be able to see, a deaf person to hear, a person who had a missing arm/leg etc. will see that they have them again.


People who died at an old age will notice that they return to how they were in the prime of their life. People who die as children will progress to an optimum age. As they would have had they continued to live physically. People with disabilities, and/or a sickness, return to good health.


Those who have friends/relatives who have died prior to their own death are often welcomed by them. Everyone is looked after. Those who died at birth. Those who had no known relatives (orphans). Those who had no known (dead) relatives when they died. Those who died alone etc. When needed there are what we might think of as hospitals. For people who die of illness, disease, warfare etc. to recover their health.


Once well people have the opportunity to meet up with people that they haven't yet met, and have known, (who have died) during their most recent life. As well as people from other lives they have had. In addition to people who may have acted as spirit guides during their physical existence. They also have the opportunity to study things that they weren't able to when physical. There are what we would term, schools and universities, for people interested in attending them.


Apart from study people also work. Sometimes to help people who have died to adjust to their new surroundings. Sometimes to teach others, in the arts, sciences, or in spiritual matters. At other times to help people who are still physically alive etc. People they may have known as friends or relatives. Or they may simply help humanity in general.

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