Night terrors



What are "night terrors" ? Generally this is a term used to describe the experience that some people have during their sleep period. Often these experiences are terrifying for the recipient and can lead to a reluctance by some people to go to sleep. These "supposed" dreams often have one, or more, dream characters who are creating (or trying to create) unpleasant situations/pain/distress to the sleeper.


People who have night terrors can wake up feeling more tired than when they went to bed.


People who have had these experiences, particularly if they have heard of OOBs , may wonder whether these recollections of people attacking them are actual memories of someone doing that. Not just some "imaginary" situation. Such thinking is often correct. The reason many people "think" that people are attacking them during their sleep is because this is often what is happening. The attackers can be people who are alive and OOB, and/or people who are discarnate.


The term often used to describe the situation of someone attacking someone on psychic levels is "psychic attack". Protecting oneself from such experiences is called "psychic protection". Our book covers both of these topics, and many others. Where night terrors are simply situations of psychic attack then it should be pretty obvious that if someone were to implement effective psychic protection techniques then they could reduce/stop such unpleasant experiences. More on this topic can be found on our psychic protection page. A link to a prayer that is particularly useful in this type of situation is here .


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