White Eagle



Below is a list of the books based on the "White Eagle" material channeled by Grace Cook.


A Way To Happiness
Arthur Conan Doyle's Book of the beyond
Astrology, The Sacred Science - Joan Hodgson
Beautiful Road Home
Bright New Year
Golden Harvest
Heal Thyself
Healing By The Spirit - Ivan Cooke
Jesus Teacher and Healer
Minesta's Vision
Morning Light
O Maker Of Canoes
Planetary Harmonies - Joan Hodgson
Prayer In The New Age
Quiet Mind Companion
Spiritual Unfoldment 1
Spiritual Unfoldment 2
Spiritual Unfoldment 3
Spiritual Unfoldment 4
Sun Men Of The Americas
The Gentle Brother
The Golden Key
The Illumined Ones
The Jewel In The Lotus
The Light in Britain - Grace and Ivan Cooke
The Living Word Of St John
The New Mediumship
The Path Of The Soul
The Quiet Mind
The Source Of All Our Strength
The Stars And The Chakras
The Still Voice
The Story Of The White Eagle Lodge
The Way Of The Sun
The White Eagle Lodge Book of Health and Healing - Joan Hodgson
Why On Earth - Joan Hodgson
Wisdom From White Eagle
Wisdom In The Stars - Joan Hodgson
Yoga Of The Heart - Jenny Beeken


Children's Books :

Hoppy's Christmas Book - Jenny Dent
Hullo Sun - Joan Hodson
Our Father
The Adventures Of Hoppy The Gnome - Jenny Dent
The Spiritual Teaching For Children Series - Jenny Dent
The Story Of Hoppy's Friend Pickle - Jenny Dent


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