What are U.F.O.s ?



What are U.F.O.s ? U.F.O.s, or Unidentified Flying Objects, are the vehicles used by people who are generally not native to earth. Just like aliens themselves they can take many forms/shapes. They can however be put in the following categories :


Physical craft :


U.F.O.s, or "flying saucers", that operate in the same physical world as we do. They can be seen, touched etc. just like normal physical objects.


Non-physical craft :


Some craft are from planets/times/dimensions of a different vibration/frequency to us. Effectively this means that they are generally (physically) invisible to us.


Physical/Non-physical craft :


These are craft that can alternate between being in the same physical dimension as us and not being so.


Many craft prefer not to be seen by normal earth people so chose to operate in non-physical dimensions. This is partly to improve efficiency but also because many aliens are aware that they shouldn't interfere in the spiritual progression of the people of this planet at this time. This is in the general sense. There are people who are currently working with aliens in anticipation of when things will change in the future.


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