Spiritualist Links



The following is a series of links to Spiritualist web sites. There is much worthwhile information here so be sure to click on as many links as you can :

A Circle of Light Enhancing your life through angels:
Church of Spiritual Fellowship Mike Ireland
Farncombe website : ghost index page.
SPIRITcommunicator.com - Spiritual Community Directory.
Psychic Oracle Magazine.
A Spirit Mage - Trance Healing.
Communications from Spirit through the Mediumship of Lucy Hale.
dreams, ghosts and spirits.
Angels Among Us.
Cowichan Spiritualist Church.
New Thought Spiritualism.
Spirit Communicator.
Spiritual Harmony.
Doves Healing World - JoAnne Buchanan.
Home page of Steven and Stella Upton.
Australian Spiritual Association.
Spiritualist Trance Medium/Teacher Matthew Smith.
Carl Fletcher - Spiritual Medium.
Lucy Baker - Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Teacher


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