Road Of Many Ways



In the 1970s a book was published in South Africa called "Road of Many Ways". This was the first in what was apparently meant to become a trilogy. The second title was called "Pilgrims on the Road". As far as I can tell the third book wasn't published.


Both these books dealt with life after death. In particular the situation of what happens immediately after one physically dies. Despite a number of attempts I have been unable to find out who published these books, whether there was a third one, and who currently holds the copyright.


This is part of the reason for me making this web page. Perhaps someone with some information about these things could contact me here ? It would particularly interest me if any of these titles are available now. As far as I can tell they have been "out of print" for decades.


The other reason is that I think that visitors to this site may enjoy reading something from the book. Unfortunately my lack of contact with the author means I cannot publish it in book form, or here, but nevertheless I will quote a small part. The beginning. I hope you like it.......



"IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN SAID that to every story there is a beginning, a middle and an end. But how, and where, does one begin a story that has neither beginning nor end, and no middle, a story that is endless, timeless? All that can be said of it is that it is.


My name is John and it has been my pleasure, since moving into the world in which I now live, to visit from time to time amongst my friends still upon the Earth, to speak, to comfort, to discuss with them so many things. And now the time has come to talk to a much wider circle of friends.


You ask, 'What manner of person is this?' and 'Where does he come from?' All people ask these questions. I know. When I lived upon the Earth, I too wondered what lay beyond. Was there something 'out there'? What was 'reality' and what was 'fantasy'? Where did the one begin and the other end? Most people experience uncertainty and doubt no matter what they may have seen or heard. It is a portion of the price of free will - freedom of thought and freedom of action - and, during the process of individual thinking, one can so easily lose the way because there is only self, one small mind.


All the great teachers, throughout the ages, have told us: 'Love one another,' is the first lesson; 'I and my Father are one,' is the second. And, if every man is truly your brother, then your mind cannot be entirely alone.


These are fine words, platitudes you may think, and to many quite meaningless because they have never delved deeply into the well of life.


I was such a one. I wondered and pondered but did not know. Then, one day I found out that there was not only a 'life hereafter' but continuous life - a life that will never cease, a life that goes on forever. . . "

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