Psychic Readings



Psychic Readings. Most people know what "psychic readings" are. They are most commonly known as "fortune telling". This is because they often involve the person doing the reading (the reader) telling the person getting the reading (the sitter) their fortune (their future).


Readings are generally done with, or without, props. In other words a "reader" may simply tell the sitter things without having any obvious source for that information or the reader may use some supposed divining tool, such as the Tarot, as their "source".


Any Problems ?



Before answering that question one should ask whether it matters if a "reading" is right, or not. Unfortunately a large proportion of people who get readings have their lives affected by what is said and will often change their physical world circumstances as a result of something that they have been told. If the reading is inaccurate, or just plain wrong, then unwise choices may be made. Can any reading be of any use ? Yes, IF it is an accurate one. Before we can judge whether a reading is accurate however we will take another look at the way readings are done.


A Tarot reading is done by you and/or the reader laying out cards on a table (similar to a standard pack of cards but usually bigger and with pictures on rather than numbers). The reader then proceeds to tell you that the way that the cards are arranged, and which cards are shown, has a certain "significance". They then tell you that "this card means......" "that card means.....". A few questions could be asked here. Couldn't you go out and buy a pack of Tarot cards, and a $5.00 book on Tarot, and give yourself a reading ? If the only information obtained was "from the cards" then IF there was any significance to them then one might surmise that they would be just as significant if you put them out on a table as compared to someone else.


If the lay of the cards has no significance then obviously it wouldn't matter who put the cards out. It is amazing however how many people accept that the cards have "meaning" simply because they are told they do. These same people will often then change their physical world as a consequence of what the cards say. Suppose you were undecided whether to get married or not. Would you base your decision on a flick of a coin ? Making a decision based on how the coin lay after being flipped (i.e. heads or tails). If not then why should the fall of a card be any better a guide than the fall of a coin ?


The other style of reading that we have mentioned doesn't involve props of any kind. The reader simply gives the sitter his/her "impressions" about the person. In this case they are getting this information from some invisible source. If you ask them what this source is then the answer may be "my higher self", "my spirit guides" etc.


If you have been thinking about what we have said then you might now be asking "Couldn't one combine both styles of readings ?" The answer of course is "yes".


Accuracy ?



To get some idea of the relative accuracy that you might expect from the three methods : The least likely method would be straight Tarot. The combined method should be more accurate and the one obtained only from spirit assistance should generally be the best.


This is only a generalization of course. For example if a "reader" is giving someone a reading using spirit assistance then one could justifiably ask whether the spirit is a positive one or not. If the medium isn't properly trained and/or is lazy/careless then he she may get help from both positive, and negative, spirit people. This last situation is one of the reasons why even "accurate" readers often have incorrect information included with the correct information.


When one considers that :


(A) A reading may be 100% accurate.

(B) A reading may be 100% inaccurate.

(C) A reading may be somewhere between (A) and (B).


It is probably best to keep in mind that one should NOT depend too much on a reading being 100% accurate.


The majority of readers fall into the third category. This is because to be in the first category one would have had to spend many years being trained by a competent mediumistic teacher. The majority of readers don't want to be bothered doing this. The second option is often the result of gross incompetence. The result of people who say/think that they can do readings and cannot. In some cases the person knows that they don't have the ability and simply want to make money from gullible customers.


You might ask : "Other than waiting to find out if a reading is true then is there any other way to judge the accuracy of a reading ?" Fortunately the answer is "yes". Ask the person to tell you about some significant event/s that have already occurred in your life. If he/she cannot "tune in" to actual events in your past then chances are high that they will not be able to do so with future events.


Be particularly careful if someone suggests that you have a curse placed on you, and that they can remove it.......for a price ! Usually this is pure fiction and the person is simply wanting your money. If you have been looking at other pages on this site you will find a prayer, and other advice, (free of charge) that you could use to counter a spell, or any other negative psychic influence, IF you were really being affected by these situations.


Be careful you don't believe everything you are told. Everything may be true BUT as you can probably work out from the above almost every reading will have some inaccuracies. Even "good" mediums can have days when they aren't properly "in tune".


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