Psychism or Spirituality ?



Psychism or Spirituality ? One often reads web pages, newsgroup posts, emails etc. talking about someone having "spiritual" abilities. If one reads these things carefully one can quickly ascertain that what they are talking about are "psychic" abilities.


What's the difference ? Well, psychic ability is simply a skill, or ability. Just as someone may have an ability to sing, play the piano, play football, run a race etc. Some people are born with "natural" abilities like singing and need little/no training to practice this skill. Others spend a great deal of time/money to develop the same skill. So too with "psychism". Some people are born with a strong "natural" ability, while others need training to develop it.


One can be "psychic" and/or "communicate with spirit" and be a very evil person. Such a person could be involved with spells, curses etc. for example. One could also be a saint and be very psychic. Much of the Christian bible talks about people with psychic abilities. Many energy "healers" would be examples of those who use positive psychic abilities.


Spirituality however is a totally different thing. One can be a very spiritually evolved soul and not be "psychic" at all. Mother Theresa perhaps could have been termed "spiritual". Though she may not have been "psychic" and/or communicating with any spirit people (a medium). One can be very un-spiritual, evil if you like, and be very psychic.


One could perhaps think of a "spiritual" person as being "wise". "compassionate", "loving" etc. What some people call an "old soul". People that fit this description may, or may not, be psychic. So the two terms are definitely NOT interchangeable. So why do people do this ? Well, for most it is due to a lack of understanding/awareness. For others they have their own particular reasons for saying/implying that their psychic ability has something to do with their spiritual maturity. It doesn't.


If one has the skill/ability to sing well then should one then say "He/she is a good singer. He/she must be very spiritual" ? I don't think so. Why ? Because you probably realize that singing ability has nothing to do with spirituality. The same applies to psychic ability.


So, in conclusion, one can be a spiritually evolved psychic. A non spiritually evolved psychic. A spiritually evolved non psychic or a non spiritually evolved non psychic. Four choices.


Perhaps the ideal situation is where a spiritual person develops their psychic ability for the betterment of humankind ? There are teachers available who will help those who have set this sort of a goal for themselves. They are often found in Spiritualist churches and/or groups.


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