Chronic Fatigue Syndrome



When one talks of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (C.F.S.) one is often talking about a situation that occurs to people from time to time due to a severe depletion of their auric energies. Normally one has enough energy to function in the physical world. Sometimes this amount can be reduced due to certain circumstances and can even be so reduced that people find almost anything physical to be beyond them.


If you consider that a "normal" amount of auric energy enables one to function normally then it should also be fairly evident that if one had half the energy one normally has then there will be things one could normally do that they can no longer do. Think what would happen to a car if it only had half of the recommended amount of oil required to run the engine properly. Parts could get excessive wear and either slow down, malfunction or break down. These things can occur to people with C.F.S. Many therapists end up with a situation that is heading in the direction of C.F.S. and leave their profession due to "burn-out".


What is happening ? Suppose your energy level were like a full glass of water. What would happen if there were holes/cracks in the glass ? The levels would go down. So too with one's aura. Our levels of energy can reduce due to energy seeping away.


What can create this situation ? A number of things. Trauma, shock, grief, sickness etc. can all reduce the strength of the aura and allow energy to seep away and/or negative energy/entities to enter. Certain professions/lifestyles are prime candidates for these things. Doctors, nurses, therapists in general and also people who take excessive alcohol and/or illegal drugs.


What can be done to prevent it ? Being sure not to overwork, over drink, take illegal drugs, get involved with negative actions/emotions etc. Also, if one regularly applies effective psychic protection techniques (details elsewhere on this site) then that will help too.


What can be done to clear it up ? Doing all the things mentioned in the last paragraph will help. Rest, eating healthy food, praying for healing from higher forces, massage and/or hands on healing if you know someone who is good at that.


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