John Fitzsimons



John FitzsimonsOriginally trained as a press photographer John first became interested in metaphysical topics in the 1970s. His early interest was in the area of past life therapy. "Many people relate to their past lives without realising it" says John. When people meet strangers and feel that they have met them before this is often because they have ! In a past life." John also says that "an affinity with places that we have never been to (this lifetime) eg. Tibet, Egypt etc. is often a desire to return to pleasant (past life) surroundings. Non physical "guides" are often people we have met in our past lives" says John.


This interest quickly led to an awareness of, and interest in, the topics of non-physical "guidance", healing, massage etc. Following years of training, and assistance from his "guides", he began to be in demand as a lecturer and teacher. By the end of the 1970s he was running the Melbourne group "Aspects". During this time he edited, wrote and produced a "New Age" monthly newsletter and traveled extensively.


This was when he first became interested in "rescue" work (the clearing of discordant spirits and energies from around a person and/or haunted house. A number of John's patients have been virtually chased out of their homes before being directed to him. It is a pity more people don't know about "clearings" says John. "If they did then many people with possession and obsession problems could be helped. At the moment many spend unnecessary periods of time in mental hospitals.


When doing this work John realised that many people were having problems in their lives due to a lack of knowing what "negative psychic influence" was and/or what could be done about it. This has lead to him writing a book in recent years on psychic protection and related subjects. Since these early times John has run classes, meetings and seminars on past lives, healing, mediumship, psychic protection, karma etc. and sold books on all of these subjects.


He also does individual counseling, teaching, massage etc. when required.


When not doing metaphysical things John still does professional photography. In addition he does computer application training (including internet courses) as well.

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