What is Atlantis ?


A long time ago the geography of this planet was very different than it is now. Some lands that are now thousands of feet above sea level were at sea level, or below, previously. Other lands that were well above sea level in the past are now at, or below, sea level.


Atlantis, and Lemuria (often called Mu), are two examples of lands that have almost totally subsided beneath our current ocean levels. When Atlantis was above sea level it occupied the central area of what is now called the Atlantic ocean. Lemuria was in the Pacific ocean. Both of these lands covered huge areas.


Atlantis was a very technologically advanced place. It was also very much into using what one would nowadays call "psychic" energies and crystals. Then, as today, people had access to technology that could do much good for mankind. Used incorrectly it could also do much harm.


Many people then chose to use such opportunities for selfish ends. This resulted in planetary imbalances that literally changed the face of the earth. Some lands subsiding while others rose. The bulk of the people, then incarnate, ended up losing their lives beneath the waves. There are people to this day who still have anxieties about water/catastrophes as a result.


Many people knew that this could, and probably would, happen but as the misuse of power had such major consequences there were not a lot of places people could escape to. Similar to the situation we have now. Nuclear/chemical warfare, pollution, etc. all have a potential to adversely affect the meteorological/geographical balance of the planet.


Add to these situations the misuse of psychic abilities/crystals and a greedy, selfish and materialistic approach to life and it is little wonder that many people expect an Atlantian style "re-run." Whether these people are correct depends on how we think/act. We were warned in Atlantis. We are warned again.

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