What are aliens ?


If you are English then you might consider a Chinese person to be "alien". Or vice versa. However "aliens" in the metaphysical sense generally mean people who are not native to the planet earth.


Aliens take an interest in what we do on this planet because the negative things that we do affects other planets. They would prefer to not have this occur so they often help people to think more about the environment etc. Many healing channels work with aliens who have used different (advanced) healing techniques on their own planet(s).


People tend to think of aliens as being physical people like ourselves. In reality, like earth people, some are physical and some aren't. Unfortunately many people report visiting space craft as though they have done this while in their physical body. Many times however they are themselves outside of their own physical body when they visit these extraterrestrials.


It is not uncommon for people on earth to have had a life, or lives, on other planets. This is one of the reasons why some "aliens" seem more "familiar" to some people than others do.


Further reading/Links :

"Omnec Onec: Ambassador From Venus" - Wendelle Stevens, Sean Casteel and Timothy Beckley (2008)


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