What are aliens ?


If you are English then you might consider a Chinese person to be "alien". Or vice versa. However "aliens" in the metaphysical sense generally mean people who are not native to the planet earth. Extraterrestrials in other words.


Aliens take an interest in what we do on this planet because the negative things that we do affects other planets. They would prefer to not have this occur so they often help people to think more about the environment etc. Many healing channels work with aliens who have used different (advanced) healing techniques on their own planet(s).


People tend to think of aliens as being physical people like ourselves. In reality, like earth people, some are physical and some aren't. Unfortunately many people report visiting space craft as though they have done this while in their physical body. Many times however they are themselves outside of their own physical body when they visit these extraterrestrials. A number of people on earth have had a life, or lives, on other planets, seen aliens in their present life and/or been aboard alien craft. These are some of the reasons why some "aliens" seem more "familiar" to some people than others do.


A common question one hears asked about aliens is "Are they friendly ?" If an alien were to visit us then they might ask a similar question "Are humans friendly ?" What would you answer if you were the one being asked ? Some are, some aren't ? Perhaps the same answer applies to the alien question ?

If anyone reading this has had negative experiences with aliens then they should consider visiting our psychic protection page and applying the suggestions made there.


The books below are written about, or by, beings from places such as Andromedia, Arcturus, the Pleiades, Zeta Reticuli etc.


Further reading/Links :

Alien Interview" - Lawrence R. Spencer.
"Aliens Answer: A telepathic call results in astounding, beautiful, mind-bending conversations with non-Earth beings" - Ms. Mary Barr, Mr. J. Steven Reichmuth.
"Andromeda (Ultimate UFO Series, Book 1)" - Robert Shapiro.
"Anonymous: A Former CIA Agent comes out of the Shadows to Brief the White House about UFOs" - C. Ronald Garner
Answers" - Stan Romanek

"Being with the Beings: The How and the Why of ET Contact" - Miguel Mendonca.
"Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians" - Barbara Marciniak
"Connecting with the Arcturians" - David K. Miller
"Conversations with Laarkmaa: A Pleiadian View of the New Reality" - Pia Smith Orleane
"Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library" - Barbara Marciniak
"Encounter in Rendlesham Forest: The Inside Story of the World's Best-Documented UFO Incident" - Nick Pope, Jim Penniston, USAF, Ret., John Burroughs, USAF, Ret.
"Encounters With Star People : Untold Stories of American Indians" - Ardy Sixkiller Clarke.
"Encounters: A Psychologist Reveals Case Studies of Abductions by Extraterrestrials" - Dr. Edith Fiore.
"ET Contact: A Message from the Confederation of Planets About Planetary Transformation" - Gina Lake.
"Extra-Planetary Experiences: Alien-Human Contact and the Expansion of Consciousness" - Thomas Streicher

"Eyes Only: The Story of Clifford Stone and UFO Crash Retrievals" - Clifford Stone and Paola Leopizzi Harris

"First Contact: Conversations with an ET" - Tom T. Moore.
"How Arcturians Are Healing Planet Earth" - Wayne Brewer.
"Human by Day, Zeta by Night: A Dramatic Account of Greys Incarnating as Humans" - Judy Carroll.
"Life with a Cosmos Clearance" - Daniel M. Salter.
"Look Up: My Encounters with ETs and Angels" Devara Thunderbeat.
"Meet the Hybrids: The Lives and Missions of ET Ambassadors on Earth" - Miguel Mendonca and Barbara Lamb. Meet The Hybrids web page here.
"Messages: The World's Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contact Story" - Stan Romanek
"Omnec Onec: Ambassador From Venus
" - Wendelle Stevens, Sean Casteel and Timothy Beckley.
"Raechels Eyes: The Strange But True Case of a Human-Alien Hybrid" - Helen Littrell.
"Raising the Spiritual Light Quotient" - David K. Miller
"Sky People: Untold Stories of Alien Encounters in Mesoamerica" - Ardy Sixkiller Clarke.
"Songs of the Arcturians : The Arcturian Star Chronicles, Volume 1" - Patricia Pereira.
"Stranded On Earth: The Story of a Roswell Crash Survivor" Cmdr Sanni Emyetti Ceto.
"Talking to Extraterrestrials: Transforming Our World with the Help of Enlightened Beings" - Lisette Larkins.

"The Day After Roswell" - William J. Birnes and Philip Corso.

"The Extraterrestrial Vision: Who Is Here and Why" - Gina Lake.
"The Forgotten Promise: Rejoining Our Cosmic Family" - Sherry Wilde.
"The Gathering: Meetings in Higher Space" - William Gammill .
"The ZETA Message: Connecting All Beings in Oneness" - Judy Carroll and Helene Kaye.
The Zetas: History, Hybrids and Human Contacts" - Robert Shapiro.
"UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record" - Leslie Kean.

"We Are Among You Already: True Stories of Star Beings on Earth" - Jujuolui Kulta.

"We Are the Disclosure - Part I: 700 Years of Research on ET-Human Interaction" - Miguel Mendonca.

"We Are the Disclosure - Part II: 700 Years of Research on ET-Human Interaction" - Miguel Mendonca.

"We The Arcturians: A True Experience" - Dr Norma J Milanovich and Betty Rice.
"Welcome to Planet Earth: A Guide for Walk-Ins, Starseeds, and Lightworkers of All Varieties" - Hannah Beaconsfield.

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